Purchase Cremations

“Green” cremation is usually a contradiction in terms. Because fuel is used to run the cremator, carbon is put into the air. However, at Lighthouse crematory we purchase energy from Maine-Made renewable “Green” sources OVER the amount we use in the cremation process. What does that mean? Well, every time we cremate, we know how much CO2 goes into the air, we then purchase Double that amount in renewable “Green” energy. So, by choosing Lighthouse Crematory you are having a positive impact on the environment.


Final Goodbye– As the popularity of “Direct Cremation” increases, families are not having the opportunity to say goodbye before the cremation. At Lighthouse Crematory, we offer the family and friends the opportunity to say goodbye. You may schedule a time for up to 15 close family and friends to spend up to 30 minutes with your loved one.


Please call to set an appointment to discuss your cremation options.

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