Our Code of Ethics

Lighthouse Crematory Regards Each Cremation With Respect and Dignity.

We cremate ONE body at a time.Unlike most crematories that rely on volume to make a profit, we only cremate one body at a time. (See “Prefered Funeral Home” for single body transports)
Our code of ethics is rock solid, built on a foundation: Treat Every loved-one, as if they were, Our loved-one.
Every Loved-One is handled with Care and Respect.
1) From the moment your Funeral Director and loved one arrive, they enter our enclosed, secure, and climate controlled receiving area, which is then closed so the transfer of your loved one is private.
2) Your loved one is gently place on our state-of-the-art lift table. (No manual lifting is required through the entire process.)
3) Your loved one is moved to our cremation area where doors are closed so privacy and identity are protected from any possible observation by others.
4) Your loved one’s identification information is logged into our Multi-Point Identification System.
5) Your loved one is gently moved into our holding cooler,
6) Then gently transferred for the beginning of cremation process.
7) Your loved one’s cremains transferred to our completely self-contain readying station for transfer directly in the urn or temporary container.
8) The urn or temporary container holding you loved one’s is kept in a secure location until the  funeral home resumes possession.
At no time does the identification paperwork cross paths with any other ID paperwork of another Loved-one.
If you have any further questions, please come to tour of our facility, or contact us by phone
(207) 865-5500 or email us info@cremationmaine.com
Lighthouse Crematory is a non-profit facility, where our goal is to serve the public during a very difficult time.