Our 100% Assurance Policy

The number one question we receive is “How do I know I am getting back my Loved One’s cremains?”

At Lighthouse Crematory our policies, procedures, and identification process gives you 100% Assurance that the cremains you receive are those of your Loved One. Working in conjunction with your Funeral Director, we have a multi-level; not double, triple, or even quadruple, but Pentuple Redundancy Identification System.
Some crematories boast “8 or 10 or 12 point peace of mind identification system” Lighthouse Crematory takes our identification system 5 times further.

Lighthouse Crematory is the ONLY crematory in the state that allows ONLY ONE (Single) body receiving of a body.

From the moment your Funeral Director arrives with your loved one, they enter our enclosed, climate controlled, and secure receiving area. We then review all identification paperwork supplied by you, “The Family”, and your Funeral Director. All of the identification data is recorded in 6 different locations:
1) On the originating paperwork.
2) On the Casket or Alternative Container itself.
3) Into the On-board Computer of our State of the Art, environmentally friendly, equipment.
4) Into a separate computer system and saved into a separate server. and backed up to a separate drive.
5) And, we still use the “Old School” pen and ink recording wheel that has been used for years.
6) On the receiving cremation urn.

The full explanation of our identification process is EXPLICIT and MAY make some people uncomfortable, please contact us directly for a more detailed description.

As always you are welcome to tour of our facility.