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Yes. By Maine state law a funeral home must perform the transport and 48 hour holding of the body and required paperwork. Unless the family designates an authorized person to perform these services.
In addition to the previous question, Maine law doesn’t allow funeral homes to own or operate a crematory, as well as crematories cannot perform funeral related services. However, some funeral homes have found ways around this law. Our opinion is if a funeral home is willing to get around the law what else are they willing to do.
You don’t… unless you

  1. Follow the funeral home directly to the crematory.
  2. Choose one of our “Preferred Funeral Homes” they guarantee “single body transport”.

Most funeral homes will transport as many as 6 bodies at a time to the crematory. We DO NOT allow this. Lighthouse crematory has a strict “Single Body” policy, we will only allow one body to be delivered at a time.  Funeral homes have various “Multi-step identification process’”. However, they are useless unless the crematory certifies that the body was delivered individually and respectfully. The more bodies delivered at once, increases the chances of misidentification and shows NO respect for your loved one.

Volume… less expensive crematories operate on high volume. They can cremate over a dozen bodies a day and 1000’s a year. They want funeral homes to transport multiple bodies at a time to save them processing time. Any funeral or crematory handling multiple bodies at the same time are showing no respect to your loved one and increase the chances of errors being made.

At lighthouse, we receive and cremate your loved one individually. We have physically limited the total cremations we can do per day and per year. A funeral home would never deliver multiple bodies to a cemetery at the same time for burial, why should cremation be any different? Because they know you the family will not be at the crematory to see the blatant disregard for the respect your loved one deserves. We believe that the small amount is worth it for the individual care that is taken with your loved one.

Also, we are carbon neutral. This means we pay extra for clean energy to offset any emissions we produce. In fact, the program we use doubles the amount of renewable energy we use. So in reality, we are a carbon Shrinking crematory.

Yes. We encourage families to make arrangements to be here prior to cremation. A small gathering of close family can spend a few moments saying goodbye.
The straightforward answer is… No. Unfortunately, it is impossible to retrieve 100% of all the ashes. However, we make every effort to reclaim as much as possible. Unlike some local crematories that dump some of the ashes, we DON’T.
Funeral Homes Forms
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Maine First and Only Carbon “Negative” Crematory

What is Green Cremation?

“Green” cremation is usually a contradiction in terms.
Because fuel is used to run the cremator, carbon is put into the air.
However, at Lighthouse crematory we purchase energy from Maine-Made renewable “Green” sources OVER the amount we use in the cremation process.
What does that mean?
Well, every time we cremate we know how much CO2 goes into the air, we then purchase DOUBLE that amount in renewable “Green” energy.
So by choosing Lighthouse Crematory you are having a positive impact on the environment.

Other advantages of choosing Lighthouse Crematory.

Single body cremation.
Locally owned and operated.
Not owned by a funeral home.