Burr Cemetery

Burr Cemetery began burials about 1785. We are not exactly sure when the first burial was in Burr, however the first recorded burial was in 1785.

The Burr Family owned the land that Burr Cemetery now occupies. The Burr’s owned a Green House next to the cemetery, they also sold various goods and services.

The Griffins later added land to the cemetery to make it the 6.5 acres that is currently in use.

Wid Griffin acted as caretaker for many years, in the 1980’s Donald Stilkey became Caretaker and later Superintendent.

In 2007 the opportunity arose to purchase additional land and add a Crematory to the cemetery. which will help secure the care of Burr Cemetery.

Burr Cemetery now can offer all forms of Burial options. Including

Traditional Earth Burials

Cremation Burials


And Green Burials

Here is Our Current Pricing

Single Grave Space (up to 2 Cremains allowed)  $500.00

Green Burial Space (No equipment usage or markers are allowed in this area see Burr cemetery “Rules and Regulations”)      $1800.00

Green Cremation Space                                         $900.00 

Administration fees                                                $175.00 

Each interment has an additional administration fee

 All Green Burials Must be in a fully biodegradable container or shroud.

Scattering Area.

Please contact us at burrcemetery.com