Website Transfer Completed and Updated!

Hey everyone,

We’ve completed the transfer of our website and used this time to upgrade the website. It was a much needed change and should now function much better than before. There are still some minor tweaks and changes that need to happen but everything is at the point of full function.


The biggest change is the website is now more mobile friendly and will scale correctly based on the device and type of screen you have. This will make using our website easier no matter where you are. We’ve also taken the time to update a lot of the pages and clean up the spelling and information given. We will continue to work in this area to add more info and touches to each page so anyone can have the info they need.


As always, you can reach out to us by email or phone if you ever have any trouble or need any sort of information, but we hope that one day your answers will be here on the website to make it easier to understand our goals and how our business works.


I hope you all enjoy the site’s new look and always feel free to suggest changes or any mistakes on our site. We will always work to fix or add anything to make it easier to use.

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